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Price per user/per month

GPS Tracking & Visit Validation
Location check-in/check-out
Timesheet tracking
Tagging visit & photos
Real-time workforce monitoring
Mobile Data Collection
Photo tasks
Mileage records
Expense tracking
Offline/online data capture
Visit Scheduling
Planning from office/mobile
Bulk scheduling
Route optimization (office)
Route optimization (mobile)
Store List
Unlimited store list
Territory management
Asset inventory
Analytics & Reports
Visual analytics tools
BigQuery reports
Photo reports
Timesheet reports
Visit results Excel reports
GPS reports
Online mobile tools
Full history mobile access
Multimedia Documents
Location attachments
HipChat messenger integration
VisitEye alerts for visits and locations
Team message billboard
Third party report notifications
Visit notes email notifications
Role-based security
Excel export/import
Google calendar
BigQuery API (ask for a quote)
Email & chat
Telephone* (for clients with 50 licenses or more)
Free on-boarding

The main difference between VisitEye and VisitBasis concerns customization of the activities that will be performed at locations - or what we call "tasks". While on VisitEye you have a fixed template asking the mobile user questions on mileage, timing, and expenses, or to take notes or pictures, on VisitBasis you can completely customize tasks, and create forms as simple or as complex as needed. The answer types on VisitBasis are free text, number, selection, photo, and signature. Gold and Platinum versions of VisitBasis also allow you to have your product database on the system, meaning you can create product-specific tasks (for instance, counting the number of a certain SKU at a location). Platinum has product ordering capabilities.