More than simply monitoring field rep location, sales managers are implementing sales rep tracking apps to verify rep performance and tailor monitoring. When a sales rep tracking app is used, sales managers can receive instant verification of the customer visits being performed.

With a sales rep tracking app, managers can also assist with visit scheduling in order to target specific accounts on certain days, for instance, skipping restaurants on busier days of the week or factories on audit week. This way, sales reps will get the qualified buyer’s full attention.

But sales rep tracking apps have many benefits for reps too. With a sales rep tracking app, reps can optimize their customer rounds, saving in travel time and costs, as well as drastically reduce off-hours reporting. This leads to increased customer-facing time and higher chance of ordering.

VisitEye Sales Rep Tracking App provides all the essentials needed for management to get their accurate visit verification, while allowing reps to make the best of their customer visits. The VisitEye sales rep tracking app is fully cross-platform and can be downloaded for free from Apple Store and Google Play.