Field reps use mobile check-in apps to confirm they have visited a certain location at a certain date and time. The most appealing advantage of mobile check-ins for field reps is because the mobile device registers, besides the usual time information, the user’s GPS positioning, actually verifying the user’s location.

Therefore, apps that provide mobile check-in for field reps are very attractive for field sales managers and supervisors as an attendance and compliance tool. But because they are a software, mobile check-in apps can also have additional capabilities, such as:

  • visit scheduling,
  • customer round optimization,
  • the ability to add photos and notes to each visit.

So mobile check-in apps also bring useful features for field reps, that can reduce - or even eliminate - off-hours reporting, producing more accurate visit accounts, and also optimize their customer rounds, saving travel time and fuel.

VisitEye provides mobile check-ins for field reps with all the essentials needed for management to get their accurate visit verification, while allowing reps to make the best of their customer visits. The VisitEye check-in app is fully cross-platform and can be downloaded for free from Apple Store and Google Play.