Outside sales reps spend the day on the field visiting customers and sometimes spend days - if not weeks - without reporting to the sales office. Therefore, the only way that managers could know if the field reps were doing their jobs was through the orders that came in.

GPS tracking for sales reps takes that uncertainty out of the sales manager’s job. With GPS tracking for sales reps, sales managers can be sure that their team members are visiting the customers they are supposed to, and then use the information captured to improve mentoring.

For instance, with GPS tracking for sales reps, managers are able to pinpoint that a certain rep is performing the required 5-6 visits a day, although the revenue he/she brings in is lower than expected. This way, the manager can tailor rep training to emphasize negotiating and closing deals.

For star sales reps, on the other hand, that are generating exceptional revenue, GPS tracking for sales reps can mean adding one or two extra visits a day and maybe a handful of additional orders a week, since GPS tracking for sales reps includes route optimization tools and frees up rep time that would be spent on reporting.

VisitEye GPS tracking for sales reps is a simple and easy-to-use app. It can be downloaded for free on Google Play and App Store and provides both sales managers and reps useful scheduling features, as well as routing and check-in/check-out tools.