Customer rounds can be confusing both for field reps and supervisors. Visiting several locations every day can lead into smaller profits due to the time and fuel used in addition to lost sales opportunities.

A field rep tracking app allows field sales managers to get confirmation of field rep location and visits while giving reps an easy-to-use scheduling and check-in tool. With a field rep tracking app, supervisors and managers can access mapped-out information on field reps on their desktops or notebooks.

What are the benefits of implementing a field rep tracking app?

For managers:

  • Monitor via GPS the location of field reps and identify when and where they have checked-in
  • Get real-time and accurate field rep mileage and timesheet data
  • Collect additional visit information such as visit photos and notes

For field reps:

  • Increase customer-facing time by optimizing travel and reporting
  • Clearly communicate your location, timing and mileage to supervisors, with no need to spend time on off-hours reporting

The VisitEye field rep tracking app is easy to use and is available for free download on Apple Store and Google Play.